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"Thank you Nancy for the tools and information to help me start living a healthier life!"


"I was so worried learning this lifestyle was going to be overwhelming, but your step by steps have helped me SO MUCH! I'm so happy I took the leap, I am so excited to keep learning!"

Life Changing

"After using essential oils for 2 days, I had already noticed a change in my mood and demeanor. After a week, other people started to notice and even compliment me! Months later, I'm still using, and am hooked for life!! I feel alive again! "


"Let's just say, you've convinced me! After trying the samples, I had to get my own. It really helped that you offered the tools that I needed to get started without feeling overwhelmed and learn very convenient ways to start using them right away. I'm so happy to have my own kit!"

Better Skin

"I've always had terrible acne on my face and I've tried so many products to help, but never found one that worked. I even had terrible chemical reactions to a couple of them so that's why I wanted something natural. I absolutely love the results I got from using essential oils on my face and in my products. It has been a total game changer!"

Nighty Night

"Who knew something so ancient could work so well! I can't believe I didn't try these sooner. I'm sleeping like a baby and my wife says that I'm happier and more confident! I actually feel like a new person!"

Staying Healthy

"I work in a hospital and my husband travels a lot for work and we wanted to find something that would support our immune systems since we are around germs a lot. I started diffusing Thieves as well as applying it to everyone’s feet. Since introducing Thieves into our daily routines, we have been staying healthy!”

Sensitive Skin

"I’ve been using a cream made of coconut oil mixed with Melrose & Lavender oils on my infant son’s skin. He has occasional skin issues that pop up and this oil mixture has really helped to support his skin’s natural healing process."

Occasional Aches & Soreness
"Panaway has been a lifesaver! I've struggled with aches and sore muscles over the years and have always had to rely on medicine's you don't want to be using everyday! All I do is rub this on, and I put some in a traveling roller so I can take it everywhere I go. Huge relief!"