Why Start?

Why Choose A Lifestyle Without Chemicals?

We're always on the lookout for "caution", "hazard", or "beware" and when we live in a world where every product we use has this labeling on it, even things we ingest, that's when I believe we need to be asking questions. Our life is our responsibility and that's for us to take action into our own hands. Just as we do with fitness and food and that's not where our awareness should stop.

Our health lies far beyond the scope of what food and exercise can do for us. The little things matter and the little things add up. So when I think about items I'm breathing, consuming or rubbing on and around my body, I'm taking in a lot of agents on a daily basis.  Agents that come with a warning label. These agents are no bueno for the body.

I've always been conscious of taking medications and not wanting to take them if it wasn't necessary because of knowing the chemicals in them manipulate our cells and the way our body functions. But only when I became a Mom did I start to care even more when I had to worry about what was under my kitchen cabinet, what I was using to freshen the air or the fear of "petroleum" in a teething product and what that was doing to my baby's brain. It was then that I started to investigate the things I need to be looking out for.

You see, I had pre-concieved notions and ideas of what the "natural" people were like. I often thought these were over paranoid parents that were trying to shelter their children from the world.  With a health scare at age 20 with my kidneys, that's when I realized why I should care more. That's when I put aside my judgements and I realized that leading a life that eliminates toxic chemicals doesn't mean you become a smelly hippie that only burns sage to purify her home. It doesn't mean you have to toss in the towel to never using an over the counter medication again. Far too many people are worried they will either suffer from using the chemical option or pain because a natural remedy didn't work for them - so then they live with a mentality of "I'll be damned if I do, and damned if I don't". But this is not true. No, there's not a one size fits all and using essential oils for the majority of your problems is not for everyone. We are blessed with a world full of natural options and they're worth exploring! I like variety (shimmy shimmy)!!

So why should we be concerned about chemicals or even "natural based" products?

Plain and simple, toxins poison us. You may not see it now, 5 years from now or even 20, but over time when things begin to malfunction in your body it's because things have been disrupted by inorganic substances or "agents" that are not bound to work in the human body the way natural and organic agents are. There's a reason Grandma always had remedies from "back in the day" my love. And for some reason, Granny always new best!

The chemicals in cleaners, shampoos, baby soaps, make-up, our clothing, the environment are an overload on our bodies and are completely disorienting them. What if you're body was relieved of 75% of this overload - how would you feel, sleep, and behave? I'll tell you, when I made the switch, things started to get better. My headaches went away, I wasn't a crabby pants all the time, stress wasn't so stressful anymore, my husbands mood was better, UTI's were gone, I wasn't worried about locking the cabinet doors anymore and I actually felt no guilt or worry anymore about the diaper rash cream or teething gel I was using on my littles.

Listen, I know it sounds cliche, but Mama, I'm tellin' ya - you just have to give it a good try and you'll see! Sometimes the grass is greener.

Whether you want to dabble or go all in, I'll help you every step of the way. You're family deserves better and safer options. Are you ready?

P.S. Just for fun, download the app called "Think Dirty" and look up some of your products to see what's dirty!